Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 194: Bike Rides and Sunshine

This morning Maddie slept in a little longer and the rest of us got ready for the day. When Madison woke up she was in a great mood. We all enjoyed breakfast and then went off to where we needed to be.

Daniel and I had a decent day at work. We didn't have anything too crazy, which was a nice change. 

Caleb had a great day at riding. He rode a different horse and learned how to use his legs for commands as opposed to the reigns. He said the horse he had today was lazy and didn't care to trot very much. I think he's learning a lot and I'm so blessed that he's able to participate in so much this summer. 

This afternoon when we got home, Maddie saw this contraption and wanted to sit in it. My friend from work let me borrow her hiking baby backpack thing to see if it would work for Madison. Madison liked it overall, but we think she might be a little too long for it. The verdict is still out. 
After dinner we all went on a bike ride. Madison loved the wind blowing in her face, and Caleb enjoyed riding his bike with us. We rode about 3 miles. 
I remember riding with my daddy on the back of his bike in a seat similar to Maddie's. I also remember being too big and still wanting to ride. 

We got back to the house and Madison tried out her skills on her tricycle. She liked it overall but is still a little too short for it. 
Overall, we had a great night and we all went to bed fairly early. 


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