Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 187: Summer Break Fun

This morning Caleb was surprised when we woke him up to get ready. He wanted to sleep in because there was no school, but forgot that he'd have to get up with us so we could drop him off on our way into work. 

Maddie woke up in a good mood but was a little moody in the beginning. She warmed up though and ate on some dry cereal and eggs for breakfast. Caleb got his stuff ready and went to his friends house for the day. 

He enjoyed swim lessons and horseback riding lessons today. He also got to play with the other boys and loved his free time at the swimming pool. 

Once the kids were home they played with one another and Maddie laughed and laughed at Caleb. The kids were actually pretty good with one another. Daniel got on the floor at one point to play and Maddie was all over him. 
Here she was telling Daniel to wake up and would try and lift his eyelids. She'd then laugh at him for his response!
Bedtime snuggles! 

After the kids were in bed Daniel and I managed to get a run in (separately). It was nice and definitely long overdue. 

I'm hoping tomorrow is just as good to us. 


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