Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 190: Letters to God

This morning I got the kids ready while Daniel was at training. Everyone made it where they needed to be. I took the bus in and walked through one of my favorite parks. The park was so peaceful and beautiful. 
Daniel and I each had a full day and managed to get a few big items crossed off our lists. 

It was raining this afternoon and it was a lot cooler, too. The crappy weather definitely set the stage for dinner and a movie. We decided on pizza and while Daniel went to get it, the kids and I knocked out our showers. When Maddie got out she wanted pink toes, so I painted her toenails. 
We enjoyed our pizza and began watching "Letters to God." It's been a long time since I've cried throughout an entire movie, but this one I did. Caleb also got upset at a few points because the movie really made you think and it was sad at certain points. 
Caleb was pretty upset, but I don't think it was all from the movie. He expressed his sadness over not having permanent friends and was more upset discussing the friends who have recently moved. He's tough, and I can't imagine going through the stuff he has at his age. He's such an amazing soul and I hope one day he can feel the love from all of our family and friends. 

Maddie played around with Daniel throughout the movie and then fell asleep with me this evening. She was so tired. I fell asleep with her when I was tucking her in. 

We've had a busy and blessed day but we're looking forward to tomorrow. 


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