Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 186: Resting and Prepping

This morning Madison let me sleep in until 8. She then woke up and insisted on being nonstop for a while. The boys slept in and came down a little before noon.
We relaxed a lot today, but we also caught up on chores. I did quite a few loads of laundry and dishes. 

Caleb will begin swimming lessons this week, so after Maddie's nap we went to the place he will be going and met the kids he'll be with. He stayed with their family for a little while playing in the water. While he was swimming, the rest of us knocked out grocery shopping. 
Bikinis and speedos only! Look at the "yes and no" picture to the far left. 
These strawberries are delicious! It's funny how you "self-serve" them. A lot of items (fish, rolls, veggies) are very similar to this. 
She liked wearing bubba's glasses!

We decided this week we should meal prep as much as we can and we should also prepare healthier meals. I spent the remainder of my evening chopping veggies, steaming broccoli, and preparing rice. We have a lot cooked up, we'll just need to pre-portion it prior to meals. 

After all of that fun, Maddie took a bath and then went to bed. Caleb got his things ready for the next day, and then went to bed. 

Hopefully we'll have another great week, just less busy! 


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