Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 184: Last Day of School

This morning Daniel got Caleb off to school and took Maddie to daycare. We thought we'd get some more sleep, but construction started next door on the daycare at 7:45. So, there was no sleeping in!

We came downstairs and did absolutely nothing. It was great. Daniel fell asleep and I watched a little TV. 

Around lunchtime Daniel and I went and picked Caleb up from school. He received his yearbook and told his teachers goodbye. He has grown so much over the last year. 

We left the school and took Caleb to the mall. I had reserved tickets to an English showing of the movie, "Inside Out" so we picked those up, enjoyed lunch and did a little bit of clothes shopping. Caleb got a few shirts to wear over the summer and he picked out a few comfortable tank tops for our upcoming cruise. 
We left the mall and picked Maddie up from school. She had a great day according to her teacher. She even got a big kiss goodbye from her friend Teddy. 

We were home long enough to change and let the kids play with empty Easter eggs. Maddie would throw a handful at Caleb and then laugh. 

We left for the movie and bumped into a lot of friends when we arrived. Overall, there was a large turnout for the movie. With there not being many English viewings of movies here, you have to catch them when you can.  We were a little worried with how Maddie would behave, but she did great! She sat in her seat most of the time and ate popcorn. The other times, she'd stand in front of her seat and stare at the movie. 
After the movie ended we went to the food court area and enjoyed some supper. We left full and happy. 

When we got home Caleb invited his friend over that will be moving on Sunday. They played video games and enjoyed each other while the adults chatted. We all enjoyed hanging out. The boys had a lot of fun together and we'll definitely miss him and his family when they leave Warsaw. 


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