Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 202: Swim Day!

This morning started off great, but Maddie slept in until after 7.  She finally woke up, got dressed, and then went to school.  Caleb spent the day with his friend again and had a great time.

Madison's class went to the pool today and got to play/swim in the water.  The kids only had 30 minutes to play, and the teacher mentioned that Maddie wanted to stay longer.  She also said that Maddie loved being in the water. 

At work, Daniel and I worked through our check list of things to do before we embrace our next journey.  We stayed busy and worked off and on throughout the night.

When we got home, the real work began.  We continued organizing and getting things ready for our upcoming trip.  I'll post more on that when the time comes.

Overall, the kids had a great night relaxing and hanging out with one another.  Maddie made the biggest mess at bath time.  She and Caleb were yelling back and forth and Maddie splashed everywhere.  She then thought that was funny and continued to do it.
Here, she's licking cupcakes. 

I'll share more tomorrow, as I'm still fighting with a two year old over going to sleep.  Goodnight.

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