Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 196: Halfway Through the Week

This morning Maddie woke me up at 4:30 to use the bathroom.  After she finished, she decided to toss and turn and take more than enough of my pillow.  We eventually got up and got ready for the day.  Caleb gathered the things he would need for his lessons and we all left. 

Maddie had a great day at school.  According to her teacher, Maddie was full of energy and didn't want to take a nap.  She dozed off for a very short period of time, which explained why she was trying to fall asleep on us at suppertime.

Daniel and I had a good day at work and we took a nice lunch break.  Unfortunately, we waited forever on our mediocre food, but it was nice to talk and catch up on travel plans and what the remainder of our time in Warsaw looked like.  We have a lot of travel wishes that we need to continue working on.

This afternoon when Maddie came home, she and Caleb played inside and then made there way to the back yard.  Maddie found a way to turn the water on and played with the water hose.  Caleb joined in, and before we knew it, they were both soaked.  They had a great time playing though.
This is my attempt to fix her hair. She thought it would be funny to lift my dress instead. When I jumped back and said no, she continued doing it as she laughed. She'd then bury her head laughing and try again. 

We ate dinner on the back porch and enjoyed the weather.  Maddie wasn't having it, so we finished up and gave her a bath.  She enjoyed playing in her water and likes to lay in the tub and splash.

After bathtime, Maddie went to bed and Caleb found baseball on TV.  He's had a great day overall.  He had horseback riding lessons and enjoyed playing with his friends.  Caleb and I also had a dance party in the kitchen.  It was nice to goof off with him for a little while.  He is such an affectionate kid right now and I'm loving all of the attention he gives me.
Overall, we had a great day and we're looking forward to the weekend. 
Maddie wanted to lie back down this morning instead of getting dressed, so she laid in the hallway with her lovey and blanket.  

Goodnight all!

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