Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 200: Little League World Series

This morning we woke up early and drove 1 1/2 hours away to Kutno to watch the Little League World Series European and Africa Regional Tournament. The first game we watched was an American team from an Air Force base in Germany against Italy. Germany lost to Italy, but the boys played hard!  
The next game we watched was Spain and the UK. Spain won, and impressed us by their great sportsmanship and skills. Their fan club was also great. They cheered, sang, and chanted throughout the game. It was great energy from the crowd that was there. 
Madison fell asleep on me during the second game. 

Caleb chased down a foul ball hit by Spain and now has an awesome souvenir. The kids that were there would race for any foul or homerun balls. 
At one point, Daniel began talking to an older guy who was wearing a hat that the Uganda team sported. Daniel asked him how he was affiliated with the team and he told us that he funds the trips for the Uganda players. It's approximately $35,000 per team, and Uganda has three in the tournaments. Two is with Little League (just different age groups), and one is a girl's softball team. Overall, it costs over $100,000 to give those kids a chance to win. 

He also told us that the kids in Uganda play about 200 games per year. Because of the country's position on the equator, the sun always rises at 7 AM and sets at 7PM. The weather is also perfect and is usually no lower than 60 and no higher than the mid 80s. 

It was so nice talking to him and also learning what all the kids had to go through just to get to Europe. They had to take a long bus ride to get fingerprinted for Visas, and then a long flight to Poland. It's also important to note that these kids are good. Possibly the best out there. The Uganda boy's team, aged 11-12, have been far enough in the lead in each game they have played that they haven't had to play past the fifth inning (run ruled). 

We definitely have a favorite team (aside from the US) and hope Uganda makes it to play in the US. Those kids are extremely lucky to have the opportunity, and I'm so glad someone felt that need and could financially support it and make it happen. 

After the games ended, we came home. We had a good drive and everyone took baths as soon as we got in. We then had breakfast for supper and talked to Nana and Poppy for a few minutes. 

Overall, we had a great day. The games were exciting and we're so blessed that we are able to be a part of it. 


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