Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 208: Visiting Stockholm, Sweden

This morning we woke up early to see the archipelago of Sweden. Alayna was able to snag us a table by the window and we enjoyed breakfast while seeing all the different homes perfectly located
 on the islands all around us while we pulled in to our port. 

We took the kids by their clubs and found our tour guide for the tour of Sweden. On our tour we were able to see the City Hall, The Royal Palace, Old Town Square, and The Grand Cathedral of Stockholm. All of these places were filled with a lot of interesting history. I don't recall much, but it was lovely to see. Most of the places we saw were older than America, so that made it pretty amazing, too. 

We met up with Alayna by chance at a street crossing. At that point, we walked around with her and found the Starbucks. I was having trouble posting my blog, but I was able to get a few pictures uploaded to Facebook.  Daniel then decided to walk to the embassy to get a coin and Alayna and I found a few stores to look through. 

When we got back to the ship I picked Maddie up and took her to the Pirate and Princess party. There, she met a friend her age and danced with her for a while. She also got to meet Jake and Sophia the First. She loved seeing them and dancing along with them. She was so excited once they appeared that she screamed, "princess and Jake!" 

After the dance party we went to our room and got ready, and then headed off to dinner. On our way, we saw Minnie and Daisy so we stopped to say hello. Maddie was so excited to see them again and gave each one a kiss as we left. 

At dinner we enjoyed an "American fare" dinner menu. Maddie are a cheeseburger and Caleb had a steak. They ate much better this evening, so that was great! Because of the great eating, they enjoyed ice cream and cake. 

Maddie had a full day and a short nap, so I tucked her in earlier than normal (9 instead of 10) and the boys went to the arcade to play. When they made it back Caleb hung out to watch TV and keep an eye on Maddie while Daniel and I went to a comedy/magic show. 

When we finished up and then met up with Alayna for a little while. Because we're losing an hour tonight we didn't chat too long. Daniel and I made it back to the room and got things ready for tomorrow. 

Now it's time for bed. Goodnight!

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