Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day 199: Time for Haircuts

This morning everyone was able to sleep in for a little bit. Caleb out slept everyone and came downstairs around 11 AM. We all did a few chores and then got ready for our hair appointment. 
She insisted on bringing her bag. 

Today, Madison got her first haircut. She received a small trim all around. She was great and sat on me the entire time without issues. Once she finished up, it was my turn. 
The lady who cut my hair was surprised to hear me request 22 cm. she thought I was mistaken and even had Daniel measure. I told her I wanted to donate my hair, but I'm not sure she fully understood. Either way, Daniel assisted her with the amount to be cut and then he left with the kids so Caleb could get his hair cut. 
Once they finished with Caleb, they stopped back by to see me and then left so Maddie could take a nap since I was nowhere near ready to go. 

After a few hours I finished up and took the bus home. We FaceTimed Rhonda and Kim for a bit, ate supper, and then called Aunt Tara. Maddie has been calling Tara on her pretend phone, so we thought we'd chat with her for real. Maddie didn't talk much, but ran around and showed out for everyone. 
After Maddie went to bed, I called my Memaw and chatted with her for a bit. Caleb and Daniel also got to say hello and catch up for a few. 
The kids eating a lemon at dinner. 

We then tucked Caleb in and watched a little tv together. We have a big day tomorrow, so goodnight!

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