Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 204: Cruising with Magic (Day 1 at Sea)

This morning we woke up and ate breakfast at one of the many restaurants on board. We went out to the outside area, and it was cold!  It was around 63°F but we embraced it. 

After breakfast we had a meet and greet with a few princesses. Madison loved it. She decided to wear her Minnie attire and was so happy after speaking to Rapunzel. Maddie loved Rapunzel's princess eyes so much that she cried afterwards to have it herself. Rapunzel wears purple eyeshadow and Maddie felt that she needed it, too. 
We met with Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella. Maddie went up to each and gave them all hugs. When she met Belle she wasn't sure how to stand by her. Belle said it was okay to step onto her dress, but Maddie didn't want to do that. 
After the princess greeting we took the kids to the top decks to go swimming. It was freezing, but thankfully the water was pretty warm. I swam with Maddie and then put her in the hot tub. She loved it so much she didn't want to get out. Luckily, an ice cream bribe worked and we met up with Alayna for lunch. We enjoyed a huge buffet of everything, and then some ice cream. 
After lunch, we went back to the pool area where Maddie played in the splash zone and then in the smaller pool. That pool water was warm, but with the wind blowing, it was so cold!!! 

Finally, we were able to convince her that she had enjoyed enough water time and we carried her over to the Goofy pool area where we were sitting. At this pool, there is a large movie screen where they play Disney movies all day. We sat down for a few minutes to dry off and Maddie ended up falling asleep on Daniel. She was so cute wrapped up in her towel and blanket. Daniel napped with her and then we woke up to do more activities on the boat. 
We also snuck in time to see Donald! Caleb was at the Oceaneer club playing with his friends. 

After a little bit of free time, Daniel and I got ready for our dinner at Palo. Palo is an adult only restaurant on the ship and it was incredibly nice and delicious. The kids enjoyed some free time in their clubs while we were at the restaurant. 
After dinner we went to see a show called Twice Charmed. This was a show about Cinderella but had so much more to the storyline. It was great and Maddie sat thought it without being a mess. Win! 

After the play we came back to the room and got the kids down for bed. We all had a busy day and we're looking forward to Copenhagen tomorrow!
Lovey riding an elephant! 

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