Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 205: Copenhagen, Denmark and Disney Characters

This morning we woke up early and enjoyed an early breakfast with Alayna. The restaurants were so crowded, but we made it through breakfast with enough time to get ready for our tour of Copenhagen. 

When we left we boarded a bus. The bus took us around the city, stopping at "The Little Mermaid" statute first. We were able to see that along with various buildings, statues and other important landmarks here in the city. 
Maddie and Caleb were great during the bus tour. We got off the bus at a few locations and then made it back to the ship. 
Once we got back we went to have lunch at one of the restaurants on board. We met up with Alayna and walked around for a bit. I had a pedicure appointment at 4, and it was amazing. It's been far too long since I did that. 
More ice cream with lunch!
Pedicure with a view.

We met up for dinner at 6 and had a taste of different region cuisine. Maddie had a late nap and woke up grumpy. She was not the happiest during dinner. She loved talking and spending time with Ms. Alayna. She's definitely warmed up to her. 

After dinner we met with a few characters. We saw Daisy first, and then stood in line for Pluto and Goofy. After we met them, we went to another area to see Chip and Dale. Maddie gave each character a kiss and a big hug. We ended the meet and greet with a visit with Mickey and Minnie. She was SO excited to see Minnie Mouse. 
After the meet and greets we went to watch a family show. It was great and Maddie did so well during it. The guy was a ventriloquist and did a great job keeping the crowd entertained. 

Once that was over we came back to the room and got the kids ready for bed. We came into a crab this time. Lovey wasn't involved this time. 
Maddie went straight to sleep and Caleb tossed for a bit. 

We had a great day in Copenhagen but can't wait until we see more tomorrow. 

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