Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 198: Finally, Friday!

This morning Maddie woke up early and whined. She eventually got up and went into her room to play. She decided to take some her gas drops and also rub lotion all over herself. She had just of a bit of a mess right away. 

Caleb didn't want to move this morning. He was slower than molasses in The Wintertime (Daniel's favorite saying and one I often heard growing up). Caleb was pretty tired and didn't mind dragging his feet. He ate while I got his stuff ready for him. I then took Maddie to school and got all of my stuff together. 

Daniel and I had pretty good days at work. I stayed incredibly busy but got to work closely with one of my favorites, so that was fun. I'm thankful we were stuck on the same project together. Daniel had budget stuff to work through. I secretly prefer that type of stuff, so I think his day was better. 

Daniel's boss is retiring next week so they celebrated his retirement today. Daniel stayed at work a little longer for the party and I came home to get the kids

Once I had Maddie from school, she and I walked over to get Caleb. We also dropped off a few items with our friends and made our way back to the house. 

The kids enjoyed supper and then baths. Luckily, Daniel was home shortly after bathtime and the kids played with him for a bit. The kiddos then crashed and we weren't far behind them. 
Listening to Nana read a book before bedtime. 

We have a busy weekend, and an even busier week ahead.

Goodnight all. 

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