Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 183: July 4th Celebration

This morning Maddie woke up when we did and played on the phone until it was time to get dressed. She was pretty good overall. 

Caleb had a good morning, too. He got all of his stuff ready for school and made it on the bus without forgetting anything. 

Daniel and I drove into work and faced busy days. Because I was so busy yesterday, I had a lot of emails and tasks to catch up on. Sidenote: I did hear some good news though. The spouses loved their tour (yesterday) and they said it was the best they have had. 

The Ambassador hosts a 4th of July party each year. This year, my boss was the MC so I followed her around and made sure she was in the right place at the right time. I definitely want to be her when I grow up. She's such an amazing person that adapts and overcomes any situation, even those where she must speak in Polish. 

The Ambassador gave a great speech, introduced the VIPs, and told everyone to enjoy. That we did! 

I only got one picture with Daniel and unfortunately he wasn't in his blues. I didn't see him much during the night. We were definitely on our own schedules. He also wanted to stay longer and enjoy the people there. 

I came home alone and relieved the sitter. She said the kids were wonderful and had a great night. Caleb has a half day tomorrow and then he's done with school! He's so happy, as am I! 

Overall, today was great, but I'm so glad to no longer be working and instead, going to bed. Goodnight!
Marvin Gortat, NBA. 

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