Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 193: A Sunny Day to Play

This morning Maddie woke up a little after 5.  After tossing with her for a little while, she went back to sleep in my arms.  She then slept until 9:45.  Once we were all up and going, we ate breakfast and then went outside to play in the sunshine.  The temperature was around 72ºF and it felt much hotter than that on our patio.
Maddie enjoyed playing with her water table on the porch and Caleb and Daniel tossed the ball around a bit.  We all kicked back and soaked in the sun for a few minutes.  Daniel even requested that I put on the sound app on my phone so he could hear ocean waves.  He said he was then pretending that he was by the ocean.  We've definitely taken living by the ocean for granted.  For the first time in the 11 years we've been together, we live in a place where the ocean is not accessible.
We played in the backyard for about two hours and then came inside for lunch.  The kids had turkey wraps and Daniel and I had turkey sandwiches.  He's had his "good bread" in the refrigerator since his mom came in May and he finally got it out today.  I think this is mostly because there was no other bread/wrap option in the house.
I worked nonstop (for most of the day) on deleting, editing, and uploading pictures from our Barcelona and Prague trips.  I still have a little bit more work to do, but after editing nearly 1,000 photos, I think the time I spent wasn't too bad.  I'll be able to upload and share the rest soon. I just need to cycle through and delete duplicates and blurry/unflattering photos. 

This upcoming week shouldn't be too busy for us, but we do have a lot of personal stuff to prepare and plan for.  So, we'll be doing that for the most part.  Hopefully our workloads won't be too demanding and/or crazy.

The night went great overall for us.  We enjoyed some pizza and cleaned up from the chaos this weekend threw at us.  We enjoyed our restful Sunday and definitely enjoyed the family time we spent making memories.

We're looking forward to some warmer weather this week and hopefully some nice walks in the park.


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