Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 207: A Magical Day at Sea

This morning I woke up for a spa appointment. I received a facial which also doubled as the only quiet time I would receive for the rest of the day. Daniel and the kids hung out in the room and then met me for breakfast once my appointment was over. 

The kids were challenging through breakfast which has been the norm lately. I think we'll try and change our breakfast venue soon to see if that helps with the attitude problems. I think everyone just needs more sleep. 

After breakfast Maddie and I went out by the Goofy Pool and watched part of The Lion King, and Daniel and Caleb went to play in a basketball shoot out. Unfortunately, neither of them did well enough to move on in the tournament, but they had fun trying. 

Because the wind wasn't terrible, and it felt somewhat warm, we decided to let the kids swim. By the time we made it back to the top, it was so cold! We still let the kids swim, because taking that back from a two year old is impossible. Maddie and I got in the hot tub and Caleb opted for the pool. 

We met up with Alayna for lunch and enjoyed some fresh fruit and sandwiches. Of course we topped it all off with ice cream. The blueberry flavor was delicious! 

After lunch we let Caleb go to the Oceaneer Club and Daniel and I took a nap with Maddie. After naptime, we met up with Alayna and went to see the pictures that we've had taken so far on the ship. 

When Alayna went back to work, Maddie and Daniel went to get Caleb from his club and I began getting ready for the semi-formal dinner/show. 

On our way to dinner we saw Cinderella. Maddie and Caleb said hello and gave her a big hug and kiss. 

At dinner, the restaurant begins as all black and white. The photos on the wall begin as black and white sketches. As the dinner progresses, the restaurant slowly changes to color, as do the photos. At one point, a show began and Disney movie clips played on the side in the photo frames that earlier hosted the sketches. Once the clips stopped, Mickey came out. He then had the restaurant staff come out who had changed into color vests, as opposed to the black and white ones they had began in. 

After dinner we went out and met with Daisy. The kids love seeing the characters, so we try to catch them as often as we can. We then went to watch the show "Villains," which was a fun show featuring all the "bad guys" from the Disney movies. After the show, we got to see Goofy, Donald and Daisy, and ended with Mickey and Minnie. The kids enjoyed it. 

We finally made our way back to the room and then got the kids to bed. Maddie was in a tantrum mood so it took a minute to have her calm down. 

Now that everyone else is tucked away, we're going to bed. Goodnight! 

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