Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 197: Zoo Field Trip!

This morning Maddie came to our bed at 1, screaming. She cried for a while and then fell asleep. She's been a mess with sleeping lately. When we woke up and got dressed for the day Maddie put on her flamingo shirt for the zoo. 

She got to go on a fun fieldtrip with her school today. They went to the zoo and had a great time. Maddie didn't tell me too much about her trip, but the teacher at school said she had fun and took a great nap when she got back. 

Caleb had a great day, too. He hung out with his friends and played a lot outside. He said he was bummed that soccer was cancelled, but had fun nonetheless. 

Daniel and I had good days in general. We stayed busy!  Thankfully, Starbucks isn't too far away, so we breaked for a few minutes and got a coffee and chatted a bit. 

When we got home we played with the kids and enjoyed breakfast sandwiches for supper. I read Maddie almost every book she had in the living room and she also looked through the family photo books. She pointed out the ones she knew (thank God for FaceTime) and repeated the names after me on the ones she didn't. 

Daniel needed to go back into work and took Caleb along with him. I'm thankful that they were able to hang out a little bit with one another. 

We had a great night and enjoyed the family time. 

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