Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 175: Staying Busy!

This morning Daniel left for work around 4:30, so the kids and I managed to get through the morning without too many issues.  Maddie woke up in a decent mood but didn't want to play nice with Caleb once she came down stairs.  She has been a little moody lately, but overall she's growing so fast.  She is speaking in sentences, dressing herself, and is very strong minded with what she wants.  She also says Caleb now instead of her version, "Geeduh."  She still says it some, but not as often.

Daniel and I have stayed busy at work, so there's nothing new to really report there.  I'm definitely looking forward to our upcoming vacation plans!

Caleb got to enjoy Sport's Day today at school.  He placed 2nd in the javelin throwing.  He also did relays and had a great time playing with his friends.

When Daniel and I got home for dinner we played with the kiddos, ate supper, and then took showers/baths.  Maddie loves bath time.  She swims around in the tub and splashes.  She asked to go to sleep tonight, so we know she was tired.  She's been a daddy's girl lately, so Daniel read to her and then put her to bed.

We're all getting ready for bed and looking forward to another busy day tomorrow.


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