Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 176: See Ya Later!

Today Daniel was gone for training, so the kids and I made do. Maddie didn't want to wake up. She insisted that she go back to sleep. Once I got her up, she got ready and sat on my hip until I took her to her teacher. Caleb was tired, but got ready and made it out the door on time. 

He had a great day today. At the assembly he earned a certificate for one of the clubs he was in. He did volunteer work and helped other kids. It was great that he was acknowledged for it. 
Maddie and Caleb had great days overall and enjoyed playing outside this evening. The weather was great! 

Daniel and I attended an event for a lot of ones who are leaving post. There were a lot of good byes and some see ya laters. It'll definitely be a different world come August. 

We had a great time at the event and loved catching up with the sitter and Caleb when we got home. We were able to give Caleb goodnight love and tuck him in. 
Goodnight all. 

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