Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 178: Color Run Fun

This morning Maddie decided that she needed to pee and then play on the phone at 4 am. I tried to take her to potty but she pitched a fit for Daniel. So, he took her and then refused the "we're waking up to play" attitude she had. She cried for a minute and then passed out until 7. I got up and brought her downstairs to play. We read numerous books, and ate breakfast. She loves her grits so she demanded those. 

After a little while Daniel got up and joined in on the craziness. Maddie then went back to bed to read books. She loves to keep us on our toes. Caleb slept in for a while! He definitely needed to catch up on his sleep. 

We took Caleb to his horseback riding lesson at 12 and hung out there for a while. The owner told us how well he was doing and said it was nice having him there. 

We headed back to the house afterwards and Maddie fell asleep on the way. She took a great nap. 

We woke her up so we could leave and get to the color run 5K that we had signed up for. I am not a runner and when I heard we're almost to the half way mark, I wanted to cry. Caleb wanted the same. He did great but it was really tough. We ran through all of the color stations and got covered in the different colors at each station. It was a lot of fun. I was very proud to accomplish that but even more that Caleb pushed through and finished. 
This is our group (minus one) before the race. You can see how crazy the colors got. 
We had a great time!
After the race we went home and cleaned up. We then went to a friend's house for dinner. We had a great time catching up. We also told friends that we'd see them later. It's always tough saying goodbye!

Maddie had a great time and was in such a great mood. She was talking nonstop. She counted to 13 in English, 10 in Polish, and sang her ABCs. She also started asking, "how are you?" So that was sweet and funny. Madison is definitely picking up on so much right now. 

She fell asleep on me while watching Cinderella. The movie was great so she missed outside . While the girls watched TV the guys hung out on the back patio and talked. 
Now we're home and we're off to bed. Goodnight!

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