Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 165: A Day of Baseball

Caleb had a baseball game rescheduled for today. Thankfully, they needed to redo pictures so we were able to get some taken of Caleb since he missed the first picture day. 

Caleb had a great game and played some great ball. Maddie napped through the majority of the game in the car so I was in there with her. Daniel said that Caleb made some great plays. He has Thursday and Saturday's game left and then baseball season will officially be over. 
Before we left Maddie laid down on our bathtub step with her blanket and lovey. 
After his game we went to the grocery store. While Daniel cashed out the kids and I went into the pet store to look at the different animals. They loved looking at the fish. 
We talked to Nana and Poppy for a little while on FaceTime. Maddie and Caleb ran around and played with one another as the Internet continued to be difficult for us. 

The kids went down pretty easy tonight. Maddie enjoyed her story time with daddy. She decided that she would read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to him and he would read the other books to her. 

Everyone had a great day overall. 


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