Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 166: Meeting the Secretary of the Navy

This morning our routines were the same and we managed to make it out of the door a bit earlier than normal. 

At work Daniel had an appointment set up with all of his Marines to meet Mr. Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy. I was fortunate enough to meet him, too! When he came in he talked with all of the Marines and then posed for photos. Afterwards, he said hello to me and gave me a coin. He then asked where I was from. When I replied with Georgia, we talked about SEC football and how Ole Miss played last year. He was such a sweet and thoughtful man. It was a pretty cool start to our Monday. 
The rest of our day was boring in comparison, but we had a pretty nice lunch together and enjoyed coffee afterwards. 

When we got home the kids were on the back porch eating fruit with Anna. She has been such a blessing to our family and I'm so thankful she treats our kids as if they were her own. 

We enjoyed dinner and then I got Maddie ready for bed as Caleb and Daniel played catch. She's such a little ham. 
We all had a great night and we're looking forward to tomorrow. 


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