Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 177: Long Days and Wine Nights

Today started out pretty well. The kids were up at an okay time and everyone made it off to work and school on time. 

Caleb had a great day. He got to experience what the next grade would be like. He said he had an American teacher from Chicago and he had a great time. 

Maddie had a great day at daycare. She loved telling us all about her friends. She will name each one and it's the cutest thing. 

I worked late today. I had a lot going on that I needed to finish up. Thankfully, I was able to knock out the majority of my to do list. 

Once I made it home we tucked the kids in to bed. As I was putting Maddie down she asked for me to read to her. She held the book and I read off the pages. It was a great time. She's growing so fast and is talking more and more each day. 

This evening after Maddie was in bed, we went to our neighbor's house for a wine night. She had some great food and wine available and we also socialized with people we don't see very often. It was a great time. 

When we got home we tucked Caleb in and wished him a good night. He's becoming such a sweet, well rounded kid. 

Until tomorrow! Goodnight!!

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