Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 151: Seeing Vienna!

Our morning started off later and it felt amazing.  The kids didn't wake up until after 8.  I think everyone slept in for the most part.  We enjoyed breakfast and then our friends went off for softball, and we went off towards the city. 

When we got to the city it was around lunch time.  So we got a bite to eat and made our way to the sightseeing bus.  We also found a few parks and let the kids run all around. 
National Theater 
Government Quarters - The mayor's office is inside this building. 

Once we found it we hopped on and tried to get Maddie to rest. She finally did and we rode the one hour route twice. 
We got off at the Oper (Opera) House and walked all around it.  There was so much to see and it was absolutely stunning! 
We took a small break and enjoyed some ice cream.  After that we made our way to Hero Square.  This area was one of our favorites for sure.  Maddie and Caleb enjoyed the bubbles and Daniel and I enjoyed all there was to see.  It was truly amazing. 
Once we left that area we made our way to one of the palaces.  Here, Maddie saw a baby and wanted to hug her. Again, Daniel and I were in awe of all there was to see.  
We left that area and walked around until we found Saint Stephens Cathedral.  It was under construction but it was still so beautiful.  The inside was just as nice but I didn't get great photos with my phone. 

There was a lot set up on the outside area to help raise funds for the church so we helped by buying some food to snack on.  I also saw some Polish pottery (highly overpriced, by the way). 

We then made our way back to the bus and ventured off to our friend's house.  We had a great night catching up and swapping stories and the kids enjoyed playing. 

We're looking forward to tomorrow and dreading the time we have to leave. 


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