Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 150: Traveling to Vienna

This morning started around 5:30 for me. Maddie didn't find her way to our bed in the middle of the night (praise the Lord) but she woke up early needing to use the bathroom. She managed to go back to sleep but I did not. 

We made our way downstairs a little later and Maddie got Caleb to fix her a bowl of cereal. She then enjoyed it along with yogurt and anything else she could find. 

Caleb worked on his rainforest project and completed the second one. He still has two more to do. He loves to procrastinate, and unfortunately, he gets that honest. He also had Maddie distracting him. She was all about her Caleb today! 
We began packing our bags and getting ready for our next trip. We have friends in Vienna, Austria that we planned to stay with before they moved. Since they'll be leaving sooner than later, we decided to go ahead and go. 

We got everything packed into carryon bags and arranged travel from the airport. We walked to the bus stop and took it to the airport. Once there we walked to security where Maddie had fallen asleep on me. I set the buzzer off (apparently it's my thing) and I had to be searched along with Maddie. That woke her up and she never looked back. 
We were early at the airport so we found a playground and let the kids play. They had a great time and burnt tons of energy. I got everyone a snack and we walked over to our gate where we ate and then boarded. 

After getting on the plane we found out that we would be delayed for 25 minutes. So much fun! Maddie was mad at the world so she was a terror for a good 5 minutes. Finally she calmed down. I thought she'd go to sleep, but she didn't. She decided to fight it and not give in to the temptation. 
With about 15 minutes left Daniel and I switched seats. 

Our flight was a bit bumpy at times but overall it was great. It was about one hour long and pretty easy overall. 

Once we arrived to the airport we met our driver and departed for the restaurant where we'd be meeting our friends. 

During our ride, Maddie fell asleep. She finally gave it up at the last minute. We arrived to the restaurant where Maddie pitched a fit and Caleb complained of how tired he was. So much fun! We also got to meet some new people and eat some amazing food. The ribs and fries were amazing, and the wine was good too!
During supper, Maddie and Caleb warmed up to the other kids and began playing with them. They played outside until it started to rain, and then they came inside and played with books. The couple we are staying with has the sweetest kids. The oldest took Maddie under her wing and read to her and shared stickers. 
We finished up supper and came back to the house. The kids played for a bit and then got ready for bed. Our kids were exhausted so it didn't take them long to go down. 

We're looking forward to a day in the city tomorrow. 

Goodnight y'all. 

This is of Maddie playing the piano. She loved it!!

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