Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 138: Goodbye Prague!

Today we began our day by packing our bags and checking out of our apartment. We purchased a few souvenirs and then made our way to the U.S. Embassy and Charles Bridge. 
We dropped our bags off at the embassy and walked down to the famous Charles Bridge. The weather was amazing and there weren't too many tourists for a Monday afternoon. We couldn't have asked for anything better. 
After walking over the bridge and snapping a few pictures we walked back to a nice restaurant for lunch. We sat in the shade and soaked in the surroundings. It was beyond beautiful. Prague has definitely become one of our favorite cities. 
After we toured a bit more we made our way back to the embassy to pick up our luggage. We then took a taxi to the airport and made our way to the terminal. It was a LONG walk, but we got where we needed to be and waited until we boarded. 
We had an hour flight back to Warsaw. The flight was great overall and a few were able to nap. 

Once we landed in Warsaw we collected our bags and made our way to the house. Because we've been going nonstop for the last few days, we took it easy and relaxed around the house. 

We decided to eat Polish cuisine close by so we didn't have to venture out too far. We went to a place we call The Stables but I don't think that's the correct name of the restaurant. 
We had a ton of great food. Maddie and Caleb loved playing on the trampoline and in the rocks, so they were content. 

We came back to the house, took showers, and went to bed. Everyone has had a full day!

Goodnight all. 

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