Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 128: Great Job, Caleb!

This morning we had an exciting event right away when Daniel and Maddie went to wake Caleb up. When Daniel saw Caleb, he was covered in blood. His pillow, sheets, face, hair. It was great. Caleb showered but failed to get it all out of his hair, so I washed it again for him and found a small cut on his head. It looked as though he had hit something but he couldn't think of anything. 

At bedtime (tonight), Daniel noticed a few drops of blood on the floor, so we've concluded that during the night, Caleb rolled over just enough and hit his head on the corner of his nightstand. It didn't wake him, but that's where the blood came from. All of that before 7AM. 

Maddie cried off and on all morning but cheerfully told Caleb bye as he left for school. Disclaimer: I inspected Caleb's head and made sure it was no longer bleeding before he left. He was excited to participate in a dress down day so he really wanted to go to school. 

Daniel went off to work feeling pretty sick and ended his inspection. Hallelujah!! Things were great overall for him. 

Maddie spent the day playing and crying. She's still having a hard time drinking her water, so she cries out any time she attempts that. 

Daniel went to the parent/teacher conference today with Caleb's teacher. Caleb is doing so much better this semester. His grades have improved and he has already met his "end of year" goals. We are so incredibly proud of him! He's also showing more confidence and is continuing to grow. 

After all of that fun and the boys got home, we all enjoyed a bit of icecream and some outside playtime. Maddie played a bit without fussing and accidentally fell asleep in her chair. It was pretty cute!

Our night went well, but we're hoping tomorrow is better. Please keep our family and our extended family in your prayers. Thanks! 


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