Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 141: More of Barcelona

Last night we went to bed with a storm raging outside. This morning when we awoke, we realized how much water came inside our apartment during the night. 

There was a leak in the roof so the water leaked in and ran down each wall. On one side of the room the items on Daniel's nightstand got wet. On the other side, all of our dirty clothes that we had in the floor got wet. Thankfully, the company we rented from handled drying our clothes so we could take them back in our carry on bags dry, not soaking wet. 

After we talked with the company and found out what we were doing we decided to have breakfast. We went to a nice place and enjoyed eggs and bacon: the choice of breakfast all week. We then decided on what we were doing for the day. 
We started out by doing some souvenir shopping and then walked to one of the main squares. There, we got on a bus and went back to the church, La Sagrada Familia. We decided against waiting in line to go inside, as we didn't have a ton of time to spare. So, we took pictures from all sides of the church and then went to the beach. 
By the time we arrived to the beach Maddie had fallen asleep on me, so the two of us stayed on the sidewalk area while everyone else stuck their toes in the sand and their feet in the Mediterranean Ocean. The beach was beautiful and cold! There were tons of people lying around in the swimsuits, but I couldn't stop shivering. 
We had lunch close by in a restaurant that served seafood.  We weren't sure what to expect at first, but the food was delicious and we left happy!

We took a cab back to our apartment and picked up our dry clothes and bags. We then took another taxi to the airport. When we arrived we got in line and proceeded to check in. To our surprise, we couldn't check in earlier than two hours prior to boarding. So we had about 30 minutes to spare. 

We waited around for a bit, checked in, and then rushed through security. We made it to our gate and we discovered the play area close by. I took the kids to play and everyone else went to pick out dinner. 

We then boarded priority, thanks to the kiddos, and sat on the plane for a bit while everyone else got seated. Before take off Maddie had fallen asleep and slept most of the trip. Our flight left at 8:45pm and landed in Warsaw at 11:50pm. We're exhausted to say the least, but we are blessed with two kids who do so great through the craziness we put them through. They each had a great trip and we all made memories to last a lifetime. 

Goodnight all. 

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