Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 126: Madison's ER Visit

This morning (around 4AM) Maddie woke up, yet again, burning up. Her temp. was around 102 and after getting some Tylenol in her, she was fine. We were up and going a little after 7. She was miserable and wanted no part in walking or talking. She just wanted to sleep and whine. 

Seeing in how today is officially day three with her having a fever, I called our insurance company and got a referral for her to be seen in town. Unfortunately, the embassy doctors aren't in this week, so I was sent off to the ER for a visit.

When we got there I began my journey in the wrong area. Apparently, there are many reception desks and finding the right one requires you knowing where to go. Since I did not, I was redirected a few times. Once I got to where I was going, I finally got all of the information down that I needed to. With a lot of issues I won't get in to, this took some time. Madison was finally able to go back and see the doctor. She cried when she saw her, but sat on me and eventually calmed down so the doctor could check her out. Madison's heart and lungs sounded great and her ears were clear. The doctor said her throat looked a bit red, but overall she checked out fine. She then mentioned that she'd like to do a blood and urine test to rule out bacterial infections. My thoughts - just lovely. 

We waited our turn to enter the torture room. As soon as we sat down Maddie knew something was up. I tried to distract her and one nurse held her arm down while the other drew the blood. She screamed but it was over with within a minute or so. She calmed down pretty quickly and didn't worry with the "boo boo" any more. I had the pleasure of getting Maddie to pee in the cup, which was a whole new world of fun. Again, to spare many details, it took three trips and a Twix candy bar to get her to do what needed to be done. 
Waiting to see the doctor regarding the test results. We waited a few hours for this. 

The blood results came back in and Madison's proteins were a bit high. Overall, everything looked okay, but that was really the only thing out of the "norm." The urine test results weren't in at that point, so I have no idea regarding that one. I did call back to the hospital later in the day to request the results and I was told that only the doctor could give me the results. Apparently, there was no ER doctor there that could do this. Maybe she meant the doctor that saw Maddie could do it? I'm not sure. Again, lovely language barrier. She also informed me that I could stop by and pick the results up, but no one could tell me what they were. Seriously?! Not only can I not read them because they're in Polish, but how am I to know what results are "normal" versus not? I asked if I could leave a message for the doctor to return my phone call and was told no again. Customer service by the way, is not something the Poles care much about. I was then informed that if the results were bad, I would hear from a doctor. Well, what if the doctor forgets about the stupid test therefore forgets to call me with bad results? 

My solution to the craziness is to play tomorrow morning by ear. Hopefully Madison will wake up feeling better and will also be fever free. Based on how she's feeling and behaving will determine whether or not I follow up with a pediatrician here. If she's not herself again and is still running a fever, I'm definitely taking her to see the pediatrician everyone said so many good things about. I just don't think I can handle another ER visit. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. 
Naptime (again) at home. 

Anyways, we got back home and got here before Caleb got off the bus. Maddie was napping when Caleb got home so he finished up one of his projects. Caleb also read for a bit and told me about his day. It was really rainy today, so I can't imagine he was outside too much. Also, he had swimming today. He always has fun swimming, although he'd much rather play in the pool than swim laps. 

For multiple reasons we ordered pizza tonight. Mostly because Caleb has been asking for it and I feel guilty that I've spent so much time with Maddie lately and Daniel hasn't been home. I don't really get to hang out with Caleb all that much since Maddie has attached herself to me this past week. I also felt like eating pizza and it was the perfect rainy day, I don't want to cook or warm anything up, food. 

Daniel got home tonight before bedtime so the kids were so excited to see him. He had a busy day, so he was happy to go to bed when the kids did. 
She was feeling much better after her Motrin kicked in! We also consulted with Nana via FaceTime for more doctor advice. 

Goodnight all. 

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