Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 139: Pottery Shopping and Barcelona

This morning we woke up and actually enjoyed a cup of coffee. We then got dressed and headed into the embassy to pick up Rhonda's suitcase that had gotten lost. Maddie went to daycare for a couple of hours, and after the rest of us ran errands, the girls went pottery shopping. 
We went to one of my favorite places and purchased a few items we felt like we couldn't leave behind. 

We then came home and packed for Barcelona. We didn't have long, so thankfully we couldn't pack too much to carry with us. Once we finished up, we caught the bus and headed off to the airport. Once there, it took a bit longer to get through. 

We proceeded to security once we left the ticket counter. Maddie was still waking up from her short nap, so she was in an ill mood. Once Maddie went through security the buzzer went off. So, she needed to be searched. To keep things fair, I got searched too. Caleb then walked through and the buzzer went off on him, too. At least it went off on three of us and not all six. Maddie screamed the entire time the lady patted her down. It was craziness. 

We finally got through that painful process and headed to grab a quick bite before boarding. The plane was crowded but we managed to find our seats and store most of our bags overhead. 
This flight was three hours long but felt like longer. Once we landed we went down to the baggage area to get the stroller. Of course, it wasn't there. After waiting a while, I decided to walk around to see if it got placed somewhere else. Thankfully, it did! It was placed on the "special baggage" area so we grabbed it and left. 

We took a cab and arrived at our apartment shortly after. We are staying in the heart of Barcelona so we drove by some beautiful architecture on our way in. 

After grabbing sandwiches and snacks from the shop downstairs, we took showers and crashed!! 

Until tomorrow. Goodnight all. 

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