Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 133: Happy Kids and Sunshine

This morning we began by all dragging out of bed.  It was rough for most of us to get up and going.  We got the kids dressed and once the bus got here for Caleb, Madison then began screaming school Maddie, letting me know that she wanted to go to school, too.  Thankfully, she enjoys it now and has no problems of being there.  I walked her over and she kissed me goodbye.  She's growing so fast!

Daniel got home early today to get Caleb from the bus.  Caleb had a full day at school and enjoyed swimming and playing in the sunshine.  I worked a little later than normal, so when I got home everyone was outside playing.  Maddie ran up to me and we played for a bit while Daniel and Caleb played catch.  Maddie and I looked for airplanes and talked about the clouds.  She was in a great mood and was so loving.  Her mouth is still healing, but overall she has gotten so much better.

Daniel cooked dinner and we enjoyed a multitude of food.  There's definitely plenty to eat later on.

While we were getting the last few things ready for dinner, the kids were in the floor playing.  Maddie would sit on Caleb and jump up and down.  She'd also pinch his face and say, "you okay?"  She would then laugh at Caleb (because he couldn't stop laughing) and she'd do it all again.  She was too funny.  They were so sweet playing together.  I wish they spent more time like this.  Maddie then chased Caleb through the house.  When she caught up with him, she'd run up to him and smack him in the belly.  Thankfully she doesn't play like this with anyone else!
We had a great night even though it was short on my end.

My mom is celebrating her birthday today so, happy birthday mom! We love you!!

We're also preparing for Daniel's family to arrive; so our evenings have been busy organizing the last few things.

Goodnight all.

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