Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 148: Fun with Kids

This morning Maddie made her way to our bed. I'm not sure what time it was, but it was sometime in the middle of the night. She will get right underneath us and toss, turn, and cry. It's really quite lovely. 

We all got up around 6 and began getting ready for the day. Caleb got everything he needed and headed off to school and I carried Maddie over to hers. 

Daniel and I made it to work and stayed busy all day. The fire I caused yesterday messed up my phone so that kept me and a lot of other people busy today. 

We got home and the kids were at the park playing. They came home about 5 minutes after our arrival and told Ms. Anna goodbye. 

Caleb had baseball practice this afternoon so Daniel took him to that. Daniel said Caleb did great and played hard. Daniel had to talk to Caleb in the beginning due to some behavior issues from him and his fellow teammates. Apparently the kids were a bit rowdy tonight and used inappropriate language more often than not. I'm not saying Caleb wasn't part of it, but if he was Daniel didn't hear it. Had he heard Caleb drop the "F bomb", that man would have either drug Caleb off the field or made him run laps until his legs couldn't carry him anymore. 

We definitely miss baseball in the states. This league is great for the kids to play ball, but it's nothing like either of us recall growing up. We miss the leagues and whatnot, but we can't have it all! 

While the boys were playing baseball, Maddie and I were hanging out around the house. She sat on my lap as she held her baby. We took pictures, played patty cake, made faces and then ate dinner. She ate a lot of raw peppers and steamed broccoli for dinner. She also enjoyed some peanut butter as her source of protein. We had a great time. 

After baseball. 

By the time the boys got home I was getting ready to read Maddie her nighttime books and then tuck her in. She is such a good girl until the last book is read. She then knows it's bedtime and loses it. She screamed for a while and then got up to use the bathroom. Once she used it she was back to bed and asleep within 10 minutes. 
Daniel went back to work to finish up some stuff and I'm off to bed. 

Goodnight all. 

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