Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 125: Sick and Thankful

This morning began around 4 am. Maddie decided it was time to get up. I held her off a little longer, but she had a fever of 102, so life for her was miserable. I went downstairs around 6, or at least I think, and within 5 minutes, she was asleep on me. So, I held her and she slept. That lasted around 30 minutes and she was up crying more. 
Caleb made it off to school and had a good day. The weather was wonderful, so he enjoyed being outside. His face is getting more and more tan, which means his cute freckles are coming out more and more. 
Maddie tossed and turned all morning and then finally decided to get off of me for a minute and go play. Although it was short lived, it was nice to see her doing something else besides crying. 

It had been a full day since I had showered which felt like an eternity when you're 1) a mom and 2) have a sweaty and hot child that only wants to be held. I'm wearing gymish clothes and suddenly I have a knock at the door. Guess who scheduled a maintance inspection for when I'd be at work? This girl. I was so embarrassed to have a surprise visit, but the other part of me didn't really care. Maddie cried for them a lot so I'm sure they got the idea of what I was up against. 
Maddie kept pitching a fit to "go night night mama" so I took her upstairs to my room. That's her way of saying she is ready to go to sleep, but wants to in my bed. I laid down with her and she was out in no time. I snuck out of bed and showered and kept checking in on her. She kept waking up crying, but she slept off and on from 12-5. 
This is how she woke up. Sweaty head and miserable. 

At 6:30 she was crying for bed again. I put her there but she wasn't having it. She got back up and came down stairs and fussed at me while I folded laundry and washed a few dishes. 

Caleb got his stuff ready for the next day and I got Grumpy Gus back to bed (mine unfortunately). By 8:30 both kids were in bed (even though Maddie didn't fall right to sleep she was quiet). 

I titled this post "thankful" as well because I've got some wonderful people in my life. I had multiple people reach out today and offer to help, cook dinner, pick up anything I needed, etc. I knew each one genuinely meant it and would bring me whatever I asked for. I'm so incredibly lucky and blessed to have people I can count on especially when I'm so far away from family. So for all of you that checked in on Maddie, prayed for us, or offered to help: thank you! We love you all. 


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