Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 130: Happy Mother's Day!

This morning I got to sleep in. It was nice not waking up to anyone's demands. When I got downstairs I was surprised by the flowers Caleb had picked out from the florist. He did a great job and he was so proud that he walked there to get them by himself.
We all got dressed and headed out to brunch. We had a large group of people, but we had the best time. The kids had a blast playing in the playroom and I enjoyed the mimosas. Win win. 
Someone was tired so she curled up on my lap and fell asleep. She was so sweet. She didn't care to play in the play area much without mom or dad, so one of us stayed in there with her. We were both thankful when she crashed. 

After brunch we ran to the store for some materials for Caleb's project. There, Maddie got to push around a buggy her size. 
This evening, we FaceTimed with Nana, Wendi, Chip, and Lily. Maddie and Caleb said hello and then went outside to play. We're getting ready for our visit with them soon. When we finished up with our chat, we enjoyed some breakfast for supper. 

Tonight Madison got to sleep in her big girl bed. She was not happy about it, but she did great. She cried for about 15 minutes and then fell asleep. She looks so big! I hate it, but she attempted to climb out of her crib, so it's gone. 

We've had a pretty good day overall. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!


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