Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 144: A Day of Catch Up

This morning began with a happy little girl waking us up around 9 am. She climbed into our bed and told us to get up. 
This was Maddie wanting to sleep in Nana's bed. 

After eating breakfast Caleb came downstairs. He slept in a little later. Once he finished his breakfast he went to work on his school projects. He is about half way done. 

Maddie crashed around 1pm but took a short nap. She woke up ill and grumpy. She cried, screamed, and threw temper tantrums periodically. She was quite the upset toddler for the later part of the day. 

We FaceTimed Nana and got to say hello to Winnie before she left. They were still pretty tired from their adventure back to the states, so we didn't talk for too long. We also had a ton of laundry and dishes to finish so we completed most of that. 

Daniel went outside to play catch with Caleb and Maddie. She tried to throw the ball and tried to put Caleb's glove on at one point. They had a good time, but Maddie ended it with a fit over something. 

After the kids went to bed Daniel and I watched a movie. Now that it's over and it's past midnight, we're going to bed! 

Goodnight y'all. 

One of many fits. 

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