Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 137: Prague, Day 2.

We woke up this morning and ventured down to a local breakfast place. They opened at 10, so we were at the door a bit earlier waiting. 

This place was small and turns into a wine bar in the evenings. Unfortunately, they close early tonight so we won't get to go back. Breakfast was great and Maddie ate a ton of eggs! Caleb finished his breakfast like a champ and got a few more lessons regarding his etiquette. 
After breakfast we got on a popular bus tour. We were able to see a lot of Prague from afar. After circling through once we went to the castle. The castle was beautiful, as were the gardens, but we didn't have time to enter it. 
Once we got a few good pictures of the castle, we headed back to the bus so we could head on to our boat tour. 
We walked a long ways and then arrived at the boat. Thankfully, they had drinks and food. Because of the day full of tours it was already 4 pm and we hadn't eaten yet. 

We snacked on the boat tour and took in the sights. Even though it wasn't very far, it was great to sit down and enjoy the sights around us. 
Once the tour finished we walked down a high end street and ended up at old town. We then ate at a local place that served Italian food. It was delicious. I think everyone was happy with their food selection. 
After dinner we came back to the hotel, took showers, and went to bed. 

Goodnight all! 

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