Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 127: Maddie Update - Answers Received!

This morning Daniel left early so he could catch the train to Krakow with his boss. Poor him *eye roll*. Maddie slept in until around 7:30 and Caleb got out of the door in time to catch the bus. Overall, our morning was a success.

Maddie woke up groggy and whining. She wasn't happy and had no interest in anything. She laid on me and cried for a little while. She finally stopped and asked for grits. She cried as she ate them, but I assumed it was because she was having to open her mouth and the cold sore that was at the corner of her lips was bothering her. Well, I was partially right.

At that point I went ahead and made an appointment with the pediatrician. He got us in around 11:30. Before that, I stopped by the hospital to pick up our results from Maddie's tests yesterday. Once at the pediatrician, he took us right back and asked what had been going on. After listening and asking a few questions, he checked Maddie out.

He was great with her. He had a few animals around the room that he used as examples as to what he was going to do to her. One toy opened its mouth and he shined the flash light inside. She laughed. When he told her to open up so he could shine the light inside her mouth, she listened and let him look. At that point, he realized what our problem had been all along.

The inside of her mouth was broken out in cold sores, also known as oral herpes. It's a virus that can be caught by an airborne pathogen or by direct contact. So, there's no way to narrow down where she came in contact with it since everything pretty much goes into her mouth.

The doctor said the sores are incredibly painful and at that moment I realized why she wasn't eating very well and crying after she took bites of her food. I felt like an idiot for not putting the two together sooner. He told me that because it looked as though the sores were beginning to heal, her body had fought off the virus and the sores would hopefully be gone over the next few days. Of course, this virus is also why she had a fever. He told me to give her Motrin as needed and he also told me what to get over-the-counter to numb up the mouth/throat area before she ate. It's a spray and unfortunately, it doesn't make much of a difference. She still cries when she eats, no matter the temperature. I'm hoping tomorrow she can try popsicles of some sort. 

I had a sweet friend drop off dinner and wine tonight. Daniel had been asking for lumpia for a while, so she delivered some over to us. He'll get to enjoy that tomorrow since he came home after already eating dinner.  I had another dear friend bring over some lemon desserts, so I was feeling a bit spoiled tonight. I think I ate most of the dessert because they were so delicious. I also had a ton of people check in with us today and offer to bring us multiple things. I have really felt the love today and cannot say thank you enough to those of you who have reached out and to those of you who have dropped items off. You are truly a blessing! 

Once Caleb got home from school he got ready and left with his friend for baseball practice. He was able to have dinner with his friend and friend's family and he told me how happy he was that he got to ride with them to practice. He said he had the best burger for dinner and splurged on a milkshake. He is too funny sometimes! 

Maddie and I had an hour or so where she screamed and I didn't. I wanted to, but she seemed to have it under control, so she continued. She did a great job, too. After I had reached my point, I took her to the bathroom to give her a bath. Thankfully, she stopped screaming and enjoyed her bath time for a little bit. 

Daniel was home earlier than expected, so the kids got to visit with him before they all went to bed. We'll all be happy to have normal routines back (or at least I will be) next week.

I still have quite a bit to do, so that's all for now! Goodnight!

Maddie catching some more sleep. 

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