Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 135: Welcome to Warsaw

This morning we began by picking up Rhonda and Wendi from the airport.  This is Daniel's mom and cousin.  We got there right around the time their flight landed, but didn't see them for about 50 minutes.  Unfortunately, a bag was lost, so they had to file a claim.
Waiting in the airport. 

They began their travels on Wednesday, but due to poor ticket scheduling through the travel office, they missed their connecting flight.  They were ten minutes late, as the plane boarded passengers 1 hour prior as opposed to 30 minutes.  The plane sat on the tarmac yet they couldn't board.  Great, right?  Unfortunately, no one was able to help them as it was after 9pm.  So, they spent the night in JFK and thankfully got travel arrangements set up in place for the next morning.  They left JFK around 10am and flew to Tel Aviv.  They then had a 3 hour or so layover in Israel (and everything triple checked) and then proceeded to Warsaw.  So, after their "fun travels" the bag being lost was nothing but icing on the cake.  Luckily, it was a carry on bag that didn't have too much in it that was needed immediately.  International flights are always fun and so eventful!!

Once we got to the house everyone just relaxed for a bit.  Maddie took it all in and inched around her Nana and "Winnie."  Rhonda and Wendi napped for a bit and then we ventured out to the local parks.
We walked around one of our favorite parks which is located by the embassy.  We then walked further down to Chopin park to see the infamous statue.  The weather was a bit cool and cloudy, but the rain held off for the most part.
Once we finished up with the parks we went back home and changed for dinner.  We enjoyed a Polish dinner at one of our favorite places.  The food and ambiance was wonderful.  Maddie was running on a 20 minute nap today, so overall, she did great!
We then came home and packed up for our adventure tomorrow.  We have a lot on our to do list this upcoming week!


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