Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 147: And then there was Fire

This morning Daniel left around 4:30 am to get to work. He took an early shift and stood post. I got the kids together and out the door on time (thankfully).  

Daniel and I had simple days overall and tried to keep up with our emails. At some point I began looking around my office for a European plug so I could plug in my space heater. I couldn't find one, but in the midst of my search I moved my transformer over and sparks began to fly. The plug caught on fire and there was smoke everywhere. Thankfully I had a few coworkers close by that came in and saved the day when they heard my squeal. One unplugged everything and made sure nothing else was near it. The other told me who to contact in order to get it taken care of.  I was terrified! For the rest of the day I was without a phone and one of my computers. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon, but it's not looking good! 

After that fun, I worked on getting a few other things done before I left for the day. 

When Daniel and I got home the kids were playing. Maddie was pretending to feed her baby and Caleb was throwing around a ball. Caleb and Daniel then wrestled around for a bit. Maddie joined in a little but she decided against it. 
We enjoyed some supper and got the kids bathed and ready for bed. Maddie went down great but decided to be a mess. She started getting up and started screaming. Daniel laid with her for 5 minutes and she was out!! He then crashed!

The rest of my evening was pretty uneventful. Goodnight all. 

She is a vulture! Always eating whatever someone else has. Here she enjoyed some cereal. 

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