Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 136: Prague Adventures!

This morning we got up at 5 AM and finished getting our bags together. We were out of the house around 5:45 so we could get to the airport by 6. When we arrived we checked our bags, found our gate, and waited to board. 

Maddie woke up in an ill mood, but I can't blame her. None of us slept for very long. I fought with my camera, phone, and computer until 1:30 then got up at 5. I felt horrible! But, we're going to Prague, so I got over it. 
Our flight was pretty uneventful, praise the Lord! Daniel was asleep before take off and Maddie fell asleep shortly after. The flight was 55 minutes long, so we didn't have too far to go before arriving. 

We arrived in Prague and took a taxi to our apartment. Once there, we left yyyyyour bags, ate breakfast, and walked around the Old Town area. It's absolutely stunning. 
We stumbled upon this church and decided to go inside. The views were amazing and I picture I share could truly capture how great it was. 
After we toured for a bit, we walked back to our apartment and checked in. Maddie fell asleep with Wendi, who she calls Winnie, and everyone else besides Caleb took a nap. 

We ventured out for more walking and sightseeing followed by a delicious dinner and ice cream!
We can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us. Goodnight!

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