Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 145: Happy Memorial Day!

This morning was bittersweet. Bitter because we had to get up. Sweet because the kids had to go to school. So, Daniel and I got up and got the kids off to the places they needed to be and began running errands. 

We started out our morning by going to a local glass shop. I had my hopes pretty high to find some Kate Spade glasses that matched my other wine glasses. I wasn't successful but I got some cute glass canisters instead. 

We then went by the frame shop to have our new Prague picture framed. Once we found the shop we realized they didn't open for another 30 minutes or so. So, we went off to Anko's ceramica shop to exchange some (pottery) plates. I bought two that I already had, so I traded those in for a casserole dish. Daniel laughed at my craziness and continued to tell me that he couldn't care less what I purchased.

Once we left there we went to the mall and found Daniel some casual clothes. We also enjoyed lunch and coffee before heading back to the house. 

Caleb got home from school and told us he had a great day. In PE they practiced for field day. He was timed in the running portion and said he had to work on his speed. 

Daniel picked Maddie up and she started out in a great mood. Then the moon shifted and she began throwing anything she could put her hands on. She also threw herself in the floor and screamed. I wish I could say that the night got better, but unfortunately it did not. 

Supper, bathtime, and routines for everything else went smoothly. However, when Maddie was laid down to go to sleep she began throwing a fit and got out of bed. That's normal, so I walked in and laid her back down. After a few more times she calmed down a little. I got in the shower and Daniel handled her shenanigans during that time. 

She started climbing out of the bed from the top end above the bed rail and would sneak out by her nightstand. She got stuck once but continued to do this for a while. She made it to the door once and when she opened it Daniel was standing there. She closed it on him at that point. Another time she tried to run around him. 

When I got out of the shower I took over and got her to calm down. I then made her mad again by leaving her room. After two more attempts to get out of bed she crashed. It only took an hour and a half. 

Needless to say, we're beat! We cleaned up the kitchen and got the house in order for the most part. We go back to the real world tomorrow, so that'll be its own kind of fun. 

Goodnight all! 

Maddie and Daniel playing in the floor. He held her up like a bird; she then took a turn to lift him up like a bird. We were all laughing. 
My casserole dish. 

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