Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 140: Barcelona Fun!

This morning we woke up, found a bite for breakfast, and then went to the bus to do some city sightseeing via a bus tour. 

We got on the first bus and took in some amazing sights. We rode up on the top for a few but realized very quick that it was too cold for us! 
We got off at some point and switched to another route. We rode on the bottom for a while and got off for a snack and a bathroom break. 

When we got back on the bus we chose to take a different bus route that lasted for 2 hours. Maddie got a great nap and we took in some amazing sights. 
When we got off we decided to eat at Hard Rock Cafe. We all pigged out and Maddie danced her heart out. One server picked Maddie up and danced around with her. She would have been fine staying there the rest of the night if we let her. 
We jumped back on the bus and finished out one of the routes. After the route stopped it was 7pm and we decided to head back to the apartment for the night. 

Everyone took baths and Maddie crashed with Wendi on her bed. Daniel moved her over to our bed and she went straight to his pillow. She loves being right underneath him. The adults then played a round of cards and then called it a night. 

We have had a very busy and eventful day. We can't wait until tomorrow!

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