Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 149: It's Friday!

This morning began as most have recently.  Maddie was in our bed bright and early, and woke us up with various demands, such as milk.  I ignored her and hoped she'd go away, but she did not.  Daniel took a shower and kept her company for a little while and I slept in a little longer than I normally get to.  I have felt awful lately, so an extra 30 minutes was nice!

We made it to work a little earlier than we normally do and got started on our days.  Neither one of us stopped.  We each had a lot going on and stayed busy until after 5.  Thankfully, Caleb was able to go to  a friend's house and play for a few hours until we finished up.

Caleb had a great day overall.  He played with his friends and was surprised to learn that he was going to a friend's house after school.  Madison enjoyed her day at daycare.  She smiled and kissed me goodbye this morning and ran to me this afternoon when I picked her up.  She is growing up so fast and her personality is growing.  She talks non-stop.  Just tonight she sat in her high chair with her supper and she talked about Teddy (a boy at school) and some other jumbled stuff that I couldn't decipher.

Our night was spent doing a few chores, but overall it was lax.  Caleb and Maddie hung out with each other after dinner and before bath/bedtime.  She watched Baby Einstein on the iPhone and Caleb held it for her.  She wanted to sit with Caleb which then turned into her lying on his back.  Because we had spaghetti tonight and she was in a white shirt, she was stripped down.  After supper she had spaghetti and blueberries all over her pants so those had to come off, too.
After Maddie's bath I read her a few books.  I was on the last one when she started to doze off, so I read it again even slower.  She passed out in my arms.  It was so nice not fighting with her tonight during bedtime.  She did wake up for a minute when I laid her down, but I played with her hair and she didn't stand a chance.

Daniel went back into work to finish up some stuff that he didn't get to today.  Hopefully he'll be done with that soon and can rest.  He's been exhausted lately.

We have a fun weekend planned, so I'll write more on that later.  Love you all.  Goodnight.

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