Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 213 and 214: Magical Sea Days

Day 213: 
This morning we had our character breakfast. We enjoyed seeing our favorite characters walk around and pose for pictures. It was so well organized, but still insane. 
After breakfast we went up to the top deck and we got in the hot tub. Unfortunately, the water wasn't hot and the wind made being outside almost unbearable. I got out and then took Maddie over to where I was sitting. She fell asleep on me watching a movie by the pool. We enjoyed the sunshine, but made our way inside once she woke up. We defrosted after a little while, and then met up with a few characters. 
Later that evening, we had a formal dinner and got to enjoy a show. We were given placemats at the beginning of dinner and we drew a person. After our main dish, our drawings came to life in a fun animated clip. The people we drew danced on the TV screens for all to enjoy. It was truly amazing. Caleb loved this so much! 
The second one on the left is the man Caleb illustrated. 

After dinner we met with a few of our favorite characters so we could get photos with them in their formal attire. We had a great time and Caleb couldn't wait to go back to the kid's area to play some more.

Day 214:
The following day, we slept in until after 9. We enjoyed breakfast at our usual spot, Cabanas, and took time to enjoy all that was around us. 

We made our way back to our rooms and packed some of our bags. We knew the evening would be crazy, so we got our items packed away sooner than later, and also tossed a lot of its we had made and created on the ship. 

We enjoyed a late lunch and shopped around a bit. Alayna hung out with me throughout the afternoon, Caleb enjoyed one final day of kid activities, and Maddie and Daniel napped for a little while. We were able to purchase some cool souvenirs and also eat some more goodies. 

Our dinner was nice, but the food wasn't our favorite. Maddie played with her new toys (Mickey and friends) and enjoyed her soup and french fries. She had other food, but she didn't "enjoy" that as much. 

We got a special invite to do a private meet and greet with the characters, as this was the last time we'd see them. This invitation was only given to a few families, so when the characters came in, it wasn't too crazy. The kids all loved seeing Mickey, Minnie, and so many more, including the princesses. 
We left the greeting and moved over to Shutters to review our cruise photos. We had so many because Maddie's favorite part was meeting with Mickey and his friends. Once we figured out what we wanted, we made our way over to the souvenir shop for one last look. We looked at different photo books, but didn't see one we really liked. Maddie found a few princesses that she had to have. When we told her no, she went into full tantrum mode and refused to let go of the toy. At that point, Daniel got it away from her and handed it to me. As I returned the item to its spot, Maddie and Daniel went to the room. It was 11pm so it was time for everyone to go to bed. Maddie proceeded to cry for the toy for a good 10-15 minutes before she finally fell asleep. 
We all had a full day, and it will be even more exhausting tomorrow as we have breakfast at 7 and must leave our room no later than 8:30. We aren't looking forward to that at all, but more on that sadness tomorrow. Goodnight everyone. 

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