Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 234: Exploring New Town

This morning we woke up when Maddie demanded and went downstairs to begin breakfast. We were able to cook grits, eggs, and biscuits, so that was a nice change. Maddie also decided to color her nails with the black dry erase marker. She did pretty good keeping it on her nails. 
We hung out around the house for a little while and then decided to venture out to a pottery store I had heard about. 
A ten minute nap on the way to the store. 

We got to the pottery place and found a pattern that I had fallen in love with when I went to BolesÅ‚awiec so long ago. I bought a ton of the black and white patterned items. 
We then walked around some of the New Town area and let the kids chase pigeons. They had a large time. When the rain began, we took off running to find the car. 
We drove home and chatted with Nana, Poppy, Wendi, and Chip for a little while. It was nice to see everyone. 

After our phone call we ventured out to TGI Fridays. We sat outside for dinner and enjoyed the cool breeze. Once we finished up, we took the tram, metro, and then bus back home. 
We've had a long day and we're all ready for bed. Goodnight!

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