Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 220: A Saturday with Friends

This morning everyone slept in until after 9.  It was great!  Maddie found her way to our room some time in the middle of the night, but slept okay overall until late morning.

We spent our late morning and early afternoon going through all of Caleb's clothes.  He'll start school in almost one week, so we were going through all of his clothes and seeing what fit and what didn't.

Around 3pm we went to a friend's house who was hosting a BBQ.  We met a new couple who just moved to Warsaw and caught up with some friends who we haven't talked to in a while.  The kids spent the afternoon and early evening enjoying water gun and water balloon fights.  Maddie even joined in on the fun.

We had so much fun talking to everyone and hanging out with friends.  Nights like this make me dread the upcoming move we have next year.

Well after bedtime, we rounded the kiddos up and we made our way to our house (one street down) and got the kids ready for bed.  We really enjoyed our day and we are looking forward to tomorrow.


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