Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 215: Goodbye Magic, Hello London and Warsaw!

This morning began at 6 AM as we finished packing our bags to leave our Disney ship, Magic. 
Sad to be leaving. 

We ate breakfast at 7:15 and said goodbye to our servers. They have been with us since day one, so it has been nice seeing them and thanking them for taking such good care of us. Alayna joined us, so we enjoyed our final meal with her. She had to go off to work so we hugged her goodbye and told her we would see her soon. 

We left breakfast and headed back to our room to pick up our final backpacks and all. We said goodbye to Calvin, our stateroom host, and thanked him for taking such good care of us. He made some amazing creations for the kids and always left us with what we needed. 

We were finally able to debark off the ship. Our luggage was scattered out within a group on the terminal. It took a few minutes to find, and at that point we agreed we are only buying the most loud and hideous suitcases from this point forward. 

We collected our suitcases and made our way to the bus so we could begin our journey to London Gatwick Airport. We had to wait around 30 minutes because it appeared that we were the only ones scheduled to be on that bus. Once that was confirmed, we left and began our 90 minute drive through England. 
The view was beautiful. There was a lot of open land, rolling hills, and charming homes. We also saw some sheep on the hillside. That was amazing. 
Because the bus was all to ourselves, Caleb found a seat that reclined and he tried to nap. Maddie fell asleep on Daniel, and I updated 3 blog posts. Overall, the 90 minutes weren't terrible.  

Once we got to the airport we ended up at the wrong terminal. So, we took the train to the correct place and about 2 minutes later, we were there. 
Our flight to Warsaw didn't depart until 8pm, so we decided to take the train to London and tour the city instead of waiting around at the airport. We purchased our train tickets and ventured out to find something to eat and then a bus to do a hop on and off tour. 
We did a bus tour which lasted around 2 1/2 hours. Maddie fell asleep on me and then it started to rain, so I didn't get too many pictures on my phone. The kids and I hung out downstairs and Daniel stayed up top to take pictures with the nice camera. 

The bus went on a great route and we were able to see some iconic sites, such as the London Eye and Big Ben. We found our way to Starbucks and then on to our train. It was much busier heading back to the airport, so I'm thankful we were on the earlier side of boarding the train so we were able to find a seat. 
Everyone aboard the Disney's Magic  and also in London have been so nice, it will be quite the wake up call heading back to Poland. 

When we made it to the airport and got in line to wait in a room, everyone was fending for themselves. It was madness getting onto the plane and finding our seats. It will definitely be an adjustment, but we had a great time and wouldn't change it for the world. 

Our flight went well overall and we made it into Warsaw around 11:30pm. We found our luggage and then made our way to our house. Unfortunately, we didn't realize until we were home that we had left Lovey on the plane. Maddie was heartbroken to not have him at bedtime, but I'm hopeful someone will turn it in. Please say a little prayer that it's found!

Tomorrow is the day we get back to the grind, so it's time for baths and then bed! Goodnight world!! 

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