Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 226: Orientation, Shopping, Parks, and Movies

This morning Daniel woke up early to go into work so he could get a few things completed for the day. The rest of us got up and dressed. I took Madison to daycare and once Daniel was back we drove out to Caleb's new school for new family orientation. 

We all walked around for a few moments collecting paper work and other items. We then sat through the elementary school announcement and met the faculty. It was very nice! The theater is huge and looks like a movie theater (Caleb's words). 
Caleb went into the gym and began playing with some other kids. He had a great time and decided to stay in there while Daniel and I checked out the rest. 
His sloth face painting. 

We walked down the 4th grade hallway and peeked into the classrooms. The teachers were still setting up, so we said hello and continued on our way. We also checked out the library, pool, and the three gyms. The school is quite large!

Caleb had fun playing with his friends, and after we left we went shopping for a few more things. Caleb didn't need to buy any supplies, but he did need a few more shirts. 

We found a few that we liked and walked around the mall. Once we finished, we came home and rested for a few minutes. I went and picked Maddie up and we all played for a few minutes. 

The kids and I then left with a friend and headed out to the park. The kids had a blast and enjoyed playing for a couple of hours. 
We left the park a little after 6 and came home to take baths. While Daniel finished up Madison's bath, I fixed her and Caleb some dinner. They ate well together. 
During their meal Maddie asked to watch a princess. She requested "Cindabella" but I turned something else on. She didn't care for that and chanted princess, princess for a good ten minutes. At that point, we moved to the basement and put on the movie "Frozen." 

Maddie loved it and sang "Let it Go" with Daniel. They were pretty cute. After the movie ended Maddie found Caleb's DS and sat with him for a few minutes and tried to play it. 
Overall, we had a great day, even though it was pretty busy. Goodnight!

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