Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day 235: Church, Shopping, Cooking, and Bed!

This morning we were up fairly early and got ready for church. We headed out and arrived somewhat early. We saw a lot of friendly faces we had been missing. It was so nice being back at church. 

Maddie refused to play in the nursery area so she sat with me and Daniel. She was great and even fell asleep on me. She napped for 15 minutes or so until the service ended, and then she woke up. 

After church we went to the mall and enjoyed lunch. We also got everyone a pair of shoes and some other items we had been needing. 
We finished up the mall trip with a few groceries. We headed home and unpacked the car and then took showers. 

At 5pm we got to watch Venezuela and Uganda play in the Little League World Series. Uganda lost, but it was really neat watching some of the kids play who we had met in person. 

Daniel and I cooked dinner and also a few other meals to last throughout the week. We were able to get everything cleaned up and put away before 8, which was bedtime for the kiddos. 

Caleb went to bed without problems and Maddie was in our room as I finished up something. She then got in my bed and told me goodnight. While Daniel was taking a shower she fell asleep on his pillow. 

Daniel then left for work so I let Maddie stay on his side. She usually finds her way to our room before sun rise anyways, so I figured it wouldn't hurt anything. 

We've had a productive day and we're ready to call it a night (or at least I am). Goodnight all. 

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