Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 232: Fun Days and Pizza

This morning was pretty hectic. Maddie woke up as soon as Daniel was getting ready to leave and wanted him to stay. He had training and had to get going, but she didn't care. 

Caleb slept in a bit longer and had a hard time staying focused. It took him much longer than normal to prepare everything for school (lunch, backpack, etc.) Thursdays and Fridays are typically slow/not great days as it's the end of the week and we're all exhausted. This Thursday proved to be no different. 

Maddie made her way to daycare and Caleb got on the bus to head off to school. He said he had a good day and didn't say much else. Maddie didn't say much about her day either, but loved telling me who her friends in class were. 

Ms. Anna took the kids down the street to play. Each kid told me how they played with Jake and Cadie. They each seemed to have had a great time with all of their friends. 

I had Daniel order pizza for us so it wouldn't be too late for the delivery. He was able to place the order from work, but each pizza was wrong upon delivery. Either way, Caleb and Maddie put down their fair share of food and enjoyed it. We also talked to Nanny for a bit. Maddie kept saying, "Hey, Nanny!" 
While we ate pizza and hung out around the house, Daniel went to the Ambassador's farewell party. He had a great time and enjoyed himself. 

The rest of the night was spent finding out that Caleb never did homework and trying to get Maddie to sleep. They equally have their challenging moments! 

Overall, we had great days/nights. We're looking forward to Friday and seeing what the weekend has in store for us. 
She was taking off her beanie, and trying to put her sunglasses on. She loves carrying her purse around.


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